Learning to Research // A Developers Best Friend

A career of development is one that contains a large umbrella of different areas that a person can venture into.

Regardless of which direction you go in, whether that may be Front End Development, Software Engineering or even Full Stack Development there is one fact that is going to stay true, and that is that with development, (at least to my knowledge) there will never be a point where you gain the ability to think “okay, I know everything there is to know.”

Now to some this may seem like a bad thing, but in my opinion and from what I’ve seen from other dev’s is this is one of the factors that makes technology and coding exciting. There’s always new languages being created, different platforms that can automate certain things popping up and most importantly new ways to go about solving problems.

Focusing more on this blog posts topic, with this comes a key component skill that is priceless when you add it into your arsenal and expand your level of expertise. This of course is the ability to research, google and find answers that you will no doubt need at some point (because let’s face it, it’s reallllyyy hard to remember everything.)

I think one of the most common issues people can have with coding is boxing themselves in, in a way. You’re learning, you’re creating these new exhilarating projects, but where this all gets blurry is when we may be typing something up and forget or don’t know exactly how to approach that part of the puzzle. People can tend to freeze up and go into that almost automatic mindset of “I can’t figure it out, maybe I’m not cut out for this.” I know I have done this many times in the past and sometimes still do.

But that’s where the research aspect of things shifts into play. Using certain keywords involved in what you’re stuck on to search through Google, exploring Stack Overflow or even just reading through a documentation page on the MDN doesn’t mean you’re failing it means you’re LEARNING and even more importantly than that; stepping out of your own way and clearing the path, allowing for your success.

My main point is that it’s always okay to need to look something up, and once we take a breath and allow ourselves too, this enriches our learning journey and at the end of the day, works to make us better developers. Developers who not only now know how to code, but also know how to get an answer to the unknown questions that we come across.

To end this off, I have a task for you, anyone who may be reading this. Next time you’re coding away on that really epic project that you’re currently working on (kudos by the way, you’re doing an awesome job), when faced with a problem and after many hours of maybe struggling on that problem, type it out into google and explore. Allow yourself to use keywords which apply to your project, maybe it’s printing out an array into a list on a web-page or something insane like coding up a robot that speaks 12 languages, either way begin the research process, and I can guarantee that you will be surprised by how much you learn, just by taking a step back and researching the topic.

Until next time folks!

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